Owing to its magnificent location in the northern area of Robertson Quay between River Valley Road and Singapore River, Martin Modern Condo is a place where a wide variety of interesting places can be reached with practically no effort.

In the text below, we are talking about some of the most popular places that can be enjoyed in this charming part of Singapore.

The inspiring Art Bridge
This lovely bridge represents a gift to Singapore by a well-known Filipino artist, Pacita Abad. Art Bridge enchants all of the visitors with its vivid, bright colors resembling a huge, picturesque kaleidoscope, which makes it ideal not only for pleasant, relaxing walks but also for wild, stylish photo shoots. The scenery around the bridge and the bridge itself are especially beautiful in the evening hours when the sun is coming down, and the lights are slowly turned on.

The breath-taking G-Max Swing and Reverse Bungee
The spectacular G-Max reverse bungee and swing in the neighborhood of the Martin Modern Condo are perfect ways of having fun for the adrenaline addicts. The reverse bungee has this interesting name because the whole action begins on the ground. In other words, for those who are afraid of heights and still want to experience something new, this exciting activity has a more acceptable start than the regular bungee jumping while on the other hand, it provides the same level of adrenaline rush!

Another great part of this activity is getting a chance to enjoy the view of the Singapore River area from a completely different perspective.

Meidi-ya – A typical Japanese supermarket
People who are interested in experiencing a bit of Japanese lifestyle when buying groceries should not skip visiting Meidi-ya. Not far from the Martin Modern Condo at Liang Court, this impressive Japanese supermarket offers a wide variety of products, including an impressive number of Japanese green tea types and tasty cup noodles with a broad range of flavors.

Sashimi and sushi, as well as interesting snacks, biscuits, chocolates, and gummies, are only some of the delicious and fresh offers of Meidi-ya.

The Book Café
The artistic type of people who like to have their coffee, salad, or sandwich while reading something interesting will fall in love with this incredibly cozy café. It is decorated to simulate a real living room, offering a broad range of all kinds of newspapers, magazines, and books. It can also be an inspiring work ambience since it provides free Wi-Fi connection as well as some convenient areas for laptop users.

Finally, those who would like to eat something nice after visiting all these places will not be disappointed. The vicinity of Martin Modern Condo offers various mouth-watering foods to try and places to eat at, starting from the famous Turkish ice cream in the streets, all the way to fancy restaurants along River Valley.

Head down to the Martin Modern condo showflat location today to find out more about the property and what other amenities are located around the condominium. Discover how this beautiful residence can provide you with a luxurious living!