The developer, as well as the architect of Modern Martin condo, has taken all the necessary steps to make the residential project as eco-friendly as possible. In order to minimize carbon footprint, the developer has collaborated with leading American multinational home appliance manufacturer Whirlpool. The HVAC system and several other equipments will make optimum use of electricity. Apart from this, every building is provided with a rooftop garden, which would not only present a very natural view but also offer fresh oxygen to the residents.

The Martin Modern residential project will be built in the central area of Singapore, which offers its own share of advantages to the residents. The Martin Modern project is supposed to house 450 residential condos built in the central area of Singapore. The two buildings will have a height of 20-storey and 30-storey; however, the company expects the height limitations to be lifted by next year. Martin Modern is going to be built as dual key units, which provides enough space for each condo unit. Popular developer GuocoLand grabbed the project after defeating the bids made by 13 other real estate developers of Singapore. The Urban Redevelopment Authority gave the land to GuocoLand under its Master Plan. The Master Plan has been drawn up to develop the central area into a full-fledged city with several commercial as well as residential buildings.

The central area has an MRT station at 5 minutes walking distance, which will definitely encourage the residents to avail public transport thereby reducing pollution. Going Green at Martin Modern is comparatively easier because of the following features offered by the residential project:

Adequate Green Cover
The layout and landscaping have been planned with great precision by both the developer as well as the architects. Adequate green cover has been provided to the entire residential project so that residents never feel like they are living in a concrete jungle. Despite being located within the city limits, Martin Modern has enough plantations in and around the residential site so that residents are able to breathe only fresh and natural air. In order to improve airflow, every building also has a terrace garden so that people can not only relax but also enjoy the fresh air.

Innovative Airflow Design
The streets will be much cooler than any other place in Singapore because of the innovative airflow design used by the architects. Enough airflow has been ensured so that the entire residential area stays cool even during the hot and sultry summer days.

Reducing pollution by marking a larger area as car-free zone
A large section of Martin Modern’s residential area will be marked as a car-free zone. Now, this will automatically promote the alternative forms of transport such as walking and cycling.

Collaborating with SMEG and Whirlpool to reduce carbon footprint
Guocoland is actively collaborating with leading home appliance manufacturers like Whirlpool and SMEG to reduce carbon footprint. All the devices installed within the residential area will help in bringing down the carbon footprint through the optimal use of electricity.

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