Ever since its conception, it was decided that the Martin Modern project would be unique enough to distinguish itself from numerous condominium building projects taking place all over Singapore. Many condominiums are similar in design and structure although they were built by different developers. These condominiums can seem to be cast from the same mould and be hard to tell apart from each other.

However, the Martin Modern condominium was not designed to follow trends. It was designed to set new design trends to earn the envy of other developers. In this article, we take a look at how Martin Modern is different from other condominiums.

Comparison of Martin Modern and other condominiums

Award-winning architect
Guocoland decided to employ the services of Yip Yuen Hong to come up with a condominium that was a cut above the rest. Yip Yuen Hong has won the President’s Design Award four times, making him one of the best in the architect in Singapore’s design industry.

Designed with the homeowner in mind
Guocoland prioritised the homeowners during the design and development stage. It was designed with luxury, sophistication and functionality in mind. The designers wanted homeowners to enjoy the experience of living in the Marvin Modern condominium.

Design and functionality that will stand the test of time
Many ideas come and go. Many of these ideas lose their appeal quickly. Martin Modern was designed to be the exact opposite. Its design is not only innovative and trendy but also timeless. As time goes on, the design’s appeal will not fade but remain attractive to homeowners and potential buyers.

Fits into the landscape
Many condominiums in Singapore stick out from their immediate surroundings like a sore thumb. The Martin Modern condominium blends in seamlessly with its landscape and surroundings.

A good investment
Property is one of the safest investments on the market. The prices of units at Martin Modern have been showing signs of positivity. This is an encouraging sign if you are looking at Martin Modern condos as an investment.

Prestigious district
Martin Modern is located in Singapore’s District 9, which puts it near to Orchard Road and River Valley. These represent some of the most valuable locations for property due to its central location and status as the shopping and entertainment centre of Singapore.

Martin Modern comes packed with several state-of-the-art facilities including tennis courts, gym, swimming pool and a barbeque facility.

The Martin Modern is a project that was well thought out and designed to surpass other existing condominiums. It has a lot of facilities that make the condo an enriching place to live in. It was designed by one of the biggest names in the industry. In short, Martin Modern is in a class of its own and is different from other condominiums in terms of design and excellence. If you are still uncertain of the prospects of buying a condo there, head down to the Martin Modern showflat location at River Valley to see the project for yourself.