Situated in the busy heart of the central business district in Singapore, Fort Canning Park is one of the most interesting places near the Martin Modern Condo. If you decide to buy a condominium at Martin Modern, you will be able to enjoy the amazing opportunity of spending time at Fort Canning whenever you want.

Introduction to Fort Canning
Apart from being a beautiful green area which is considered as one of the most charming parks in this part of Singapore, Fort Canning is also one of the greatest historical places. Easily reachable from Martin Modern Condo, this is a perfect getaway from the busy lifestyle – there you won’t only be able to enjoy the nature but also get to learn more about the history of Singapore.

This picturesque hill is the home to numerous lovely paths and rare species of plants. One of the most exciting places on this hill is an underground tunnel. The tunnel was created during the Second World War, and today it is known as Battle Box.

The history of Fort Canning
Among the local people, Fort Canning is also known as Bukit Larangan, which means Forbidden Hill. It represents an archaeologically important place as well since some Javanese artefacts from the 14th century were found there. At that time, Singapore was the area that belonged to the Majapahit empire.

The Malay people consider Fort Canning a sacred place since it is also the place where the shrine of Sultan Iskandar Shah is located. He was the last ruler of the Singapura kingdom.

In addition to all these facts, this hill is where Stamford Raffles built his home. Later on, this beautiful building on the top of the hill represented the Government House and the British military forces built and established the rest of the complex, including barracks, hospitals, and an arms store, in the second half of the 19th century.

Even though today you can only see the ruins of everything that Fort Canning used to be and several underground tunnels, it doesn’t make this place less worthy. On the contrary, the peaceful park that surrounds the fort is also the home to an old Christian cemetery, making this place a unique place to visit.

How to reach Fort Canning?
This park is located at River Valley Road, a short drive away from Martin Modern Condo, right behind the Singapore History Museum. It can be reachable in several ways, including two underpasses – the Park Mall underpass and the National Library underpass. It can also be accessed from the Hill Street Food Centre, as well as from the River Valley Swimming Complex.

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