Future residents of Martin Modern Condo will be able to experience both the city lifestyle as well as beautiful natural areas enriched with various cultural, educational, and entertaining possibilities. That is owed to its excellent location near the Singapore River.

Even though numerous hotels, luxurious condominiums such as Martin Modern Condo, bars, and restaurants mostly occupy them, the banks of Singapore River are also famous for being a historically important area.

The historical value of the riverbanks is easily realised once you start exploring the breath-taking historical monuments. Read on to learn more about the most impressive historical attractions in this charming area.

The awe-inspiring Merlion

This incredible statue is located at Merlion Park, on the South bank of the river, represents a spectacular attraction even if you do not know its story and age. The background of this magnificent monument makes this attraction more interesting, and it will certainly add to your existing knowledge about Singapore.

The monument is more than eight meters tall, and it weighs a mind-blowing 70,000 kilograms. The Merlion has been a historical attraction for Singapore from 1964 when the park was designed.

The statue of the pensive Raffles

Sir Stamford Raffles was a British statesman. He was also well known as the Lieutenant-Governor of British Java and the Governor-General of British Bencoolen. This esteemed man was also regarded as the founder of Singapore that helped Singapore develop from a small fishing village to a prosperous city-state.

A noteworthy fact is that the original statue of Sir Raffles is placed at Victoria Theatre, while the version that can be seen on the bank of the river near Asian Civilisations Museum, at 1 Empress Place, is a replica. It is positioned to face the site where he first landed when he reached Singapore.

The breath-taking Cavenagh Bridge

Another inspiring historical attraction at Singapore River is a short drive away from Martin Modern Condo. The famous Cavenagh Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in Singapore and was opened in the second half of the 19th century. It is also known as the only suspension bridge in Singapore, created by a colonial designer, John Turnbull Thomson.

Initially, the bridge was named after the Duke of Edinburgh, to commemorate his arrival in Singapore. However, to show respect for Major Cavenagh who governed the area for eight years, starting from 1859, the name of the bridge was changed.

Future residents of Martin Modern Condo can look forward to being able to easily explore different historical attractions due to the excellent location of the development. With the various attractions located close to the development, residents can enjoy a relaxing weekend with their family while learning more about Singapore. To get an opportunity to visit the Martin Modern showflat, contact a property agent.