Keeping in mind the fact that Singapore is a city where multi ethnic societies live in harmony, there is no wonder why this city is famous for its different religious organisations and institutions.

Here are some religious organisations and institutions near Martin Modern Condo, that are available for all future tenants that are interested in nourishing their faith and spiritual lives.

Hong San See

This Chinese temple started construction in 1908 and was only completed five years later. Today, it represents a valuable institution, located at Mohamed Sultan Road, and tucked between restaurants, and expensive condominiums, such as Martin Modern Condo.

Hong San See operates under the supervision of the Singapore Lam Ann Association, and it is commonly visited by not only Chinese residents but also by curious tourists that are attracted to the enchanting architecture.

Masjid Omar Kampong Melaka

Founded at the beginning of the 19th century, this beautiful building was the first mosque built in Singapore. It was planned by Sir Stamford Raffles when he was creating a plan of the town. Soon, this area became a gathering spot for Indonesians, Malays, Arabs, and Jawi-Peranakans, who influenced the picturesque architectural styles.

Therefore, this modest building that can receive up to a thousand people is not only a place for prayers but also a place worth visiting because of its fascinating history.

The Church of the Sacred Heart

This Catholic church is another oldest religious building in Singapore and was established in the early 20th century. The church was built thanks to the generous donations from Mr Low Kiok Chiang who had Chinese origins and was a merchandiser working both in Singapore and Bangkok.

Even though the Church had to deal with some terrible hardships in the past, including Japanese artillery fire in 1942, it still has its inspiring appearance today. The Church has three levels and is easily seen when you reach Tank Road, where it is located.

The Singapore Buddhist Lodge

Situated at 17 Kim Yam Road, this charity organisation near Martin Modern Condo represents one of the most admirable and the oldest charity institutions in Singapore (established in the 1930s).

All of the main missions of the Singapore Buddhist Lodge have the humanitarian work in its basis. They provide vegetarian meals, empower and protect the less fortunate, collect money for Aged People Fund, as well as take care of the Family Service Centre and Student Care Centres.

Other than the vast number of religious institutions around the area, Martin Modern also possess of many other amenities. To learn more about this property development, contact an estate agent. They will be able to help explain more details to you, including the price of Martin Modern Condo, Singapore.