The Martin Modern was designed to meet people of all taste and budget. No one can say that they have been left out as there are various unit types to choose from. It does not matter whether you are single or have a family, this is a condominium that can accommodate to any lifestyles. We all need a good home to come back to from a day’s work or other activities. Listed below are the several unit types that are available in the Martin Modern.

2 bedrooms and study
This may be the smallest unit type but it is certainly not small in overall size. It is spacious in its own right and is highly proportionate. The unit has a study which can be easily converted into a guest room should the need arise.

The unit measures 872 square feet in size. It features a U-shaped open plan kitchen. The kitchen has a built-in fridge and combi steam oven. Other standard appliances include washer and dryer, cooker hood, and an induction hob.

The unit can also fit a dining table for six. The master bedroom is big enough to accommodate a king-size bed. If the built-in cupboard is not big enough for you, there is space for you to add extra shelves. The common bedroom is slightly smaller than the master bedroom but can still make way for a queen sized bed and still leave you room to move freely within the bedroom.

3 bedroom premium unit
The Martin Modern’s 3 bedroom premium unit is certainly a trendsetter. Its living room is spacious and you can be forgiven for mistaking it as a one bedroom unit. You can add more than one couch in it and it won’t show any signs of congestion. You can easily turn the unit into a cinema if you combine the living room’s spaciousness with a great entertainment system. The living room’s balcony has mosaic marble flooring that is traditional and beautiful.

The kitchen itself is not easily outdone by the living room when it comes to the living space. The dry kitchen can handle a dining table of up to ten people without the fear of being dwarfed. The rooms were designed with size in mind and the bedrooms do not disappoint in this department.

The bedrooms have high ceilings, leaving you with a viable option of adding extra shelves. The junior master bedroom can easily welcome a queen-size bedroom whilst the master bedroom is ready for a king-size bed. The junior master bedroom, with its very own bathroom, is separated from other bedrooms.

4 bedroom premium
The 4 bedroom premium unit is the ultimate symbol of status and luxurious living. The unit’s shape is rectangular as compared to the square-like shape of the three bedroom unit. The spacious living room is long and proportionate, making it an ideal place for hosting parties. The unit’s dining area has its own balcony. Although the dining area and the dry kitchen are attached together, you can divide them with a thin wall or sliding area while making it look as natural as possible.

The master bedroom is big and is the size of the three-bedroom premium unit’s master bedroom. There is no significant difference between the junior master bedroom and the common bedrooms. This impressive unit has a style that sets it apart from other units. It is truly a beauty and an icon of precise and prestigious design, not to mention fine living.

Discover more about the unit types, building construction and price of Martin Modern condo in Singapore by heading down to the showflat today. Apart from the beautiful designs of the condo units, you will also love the facilities available in the condo project of Martin Modern.